Kicking It (Better later than Never)

Early this morning I read today’s Daily Prompt and realized I don’t have a “Bucket List”, not a recently one at least, so, I didn’t give it much thought and decided not to post today. But as I was tiding up my messy room, I began thinking about it and found on my closet an old notebook I carried in high school. I hadn’t opened it in over a year or so. I was reading this old notebook, knowing exactly what I was looking for and there it was, my “bucket list”. I used to make one of those lists every year, so I knew I had to have one somewhere there. I went directly to the 11th item; it was something I had kind of forgotten about, it reads: “11. I want to study abroad (USA), literature.” It makes me laugh now because by that time I was probably sixteen years-old and my number one on the list was “have a boyfriend”, I’m not sure if I had set my priorities right back then, I just know I definitely forgot about number 11 when number 1 arrived, years later.

I don´t know what would be my number 11 today, maybe an iPad or iPhone, a blue guitar, a rocking chair, a fireplace, a pool or a car, I don’t know.  Now my priorities are set right, I hope. My number 11 then was related to my number 10: “Travel around the world”. And from this point I’ll go and say that, that one hasn’t changed, the only change is probably that now it would be on my top five of the list.

Travel around the world has been my dream since I can remember. I haven’t traveled much. I only know a few places here and have never ever ever ever ever gotten on an airplane – now I’m singing “we’re never ever getting back together” – thanks for that Taylor Swift – that poor is my travel experience. Ok, now I feel blue…

Whatever, even if I had traveled almost nothing at all, those few trips I made, were the “bestest” of life and I really enjoyed them this much *opens arms hugely*, yeah, that much, see?

I haven’t given up on that dream, and actually, haven’t either on number 11.

Today I was on Skype with my older sister, who lives in New Jersey, she always tells me to go, to get a visa and just go there. A few years ago, I went through a really bad time and wanted desperately to just get out of here, but because of some difficulties at home, like my dad’s health at the time, I just couldn’t even give it a thought to that matter; couldn’t consider it at all. But now I can, I mean, why not?

Thinking about it again, I’d love to. But don’t know what the plan is. I’m sure that whatever it is, it’ll be okay with me. There’s someone bigger and definitely more powerful than me.

I planned my life once, and I learned that, “People can plan what they want to do, but it’s God who guides their steps”.

There are bigger things than what I can see or imagine.

I can only raise my hands in surrender and let him guide my steps.


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